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The Elf
The ElfL's Lab is run by Bee Claudia S.

Design Freelancer | Web, Social Media, Content Design & PR |
Author | Business Coach & Consultant


Certified (Inclusive) Media & Paedagogic Professional
(tjfbg Berlin GER | Bonn, GER)
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International Certified Vocational Education Specialist Alumn, Brussels, BE | Leonardo da Vinci Innovations Transfer Programm
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International Certified Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Specialist
& Media Design Learning Materials
(EÖDL, Kärnten, Austria)
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Business Operations Management Professional
Business School Alumna (n. IHK)
(Cologne, GER)
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HS Fresenius onlineplus, CGN, GER

Pädagogische Hochschule, Bonn, GER
Universität Bonn, GER
FU Hagen, GER
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Fluent in German, English
Speaks French and Italian

More than 30 yrs of experience.
(f.e. ProSieben SAT1 MedIa | TV, Munich
CEO meinBildungspartner GbR, Bonn,
Stiftung Nachbarschaftshilfe, St. Augustin

Current Location: Bonn, Germany.
Previous Locations: Munich, GER | Amsterdam, NL | Padua, IT | Montpellier, FR 

Work submitted to: Globally

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 EPK pg1 for SuperStar DR. JIMMY STAR #CelebrityHost #Influencer #Actor #Author #Producer Palm Springs, CA, USA So honored to create EPK for Dr. Star. THANK YOU."

DR Jimmy StarCEO WorldStar PR

 EPK pg2 for SuperStar DR. JIMMY STAR #CelebrityHost #Influencer #Actor #Author #Producer Palm Springs, CA, USA So honored to create EPK for Dr. Star."

DR Jimmy StarCEO WorldStar PR

 EPK for SuperStar DR. JIMMY STAR #CelebrityHost #Influencer #Actor #Author #Producer Palm Springs, CA, USA So honored to create EPK for Dr. Star. _ Instagram_ Video to find in Showcase."

DR Jimmy StarCEO WorldStar PR - Executive Producer of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Ru

 Part of the work for #Actor #Author #Host #Fitness Expert JASSON FINNEY. ©Foto: Jasson Finney Artwork | EPK by TheElfsLab 2019 All rights reserved. Thank you Jasson Finney, so honored!"


 EPK for Author Jasson Finney's CAPTAIN PUMP The World's First Fitness Superhero"

Jasson FinneyAuthor

 WebSite DESIGN LOGO Design Social Media Design for CaughtUPMusicGroup"

 Neely Music Promo"

NeelyMusicMeet Neelymusic

 CaughtUpMusicGroup Instagram Facebook Twitter Social Media Design"


 EPK & Social Media Integration & WebDesign for PopDance Recording Artist Aaron Paul ©EPK: BeeClaudia S. Thank you to Aaron Paul for using my Artwork as well on your current new website, 2019. Photos, Jewelry worn by Aaron Paul, CD Artwork Dance Album: credited on EPK. (Joseph Bogess Photography, Morra Designs, Sasha Sekinger)"

EPK Design for PopDance Recording Artist Aaron Paul, NYC, USA2018

 Social Media Design for AP Music and Productions, New York, USA, 2018 Header Design | Text TheElfsLab, 2018 ll Photos| Logo : APMusicENT, 2018"


 Social Media Design for Oropallo Productions Moonlight Sessions - The Underground Show San Diego, CA, USA, 2019 Facebook Instagram Twitter | SocialMedia Design"

Oropallo Productions - The Underground ShowMoonLightSessions Oropallo Productions

 Logo Design for The Elf's Lab Text"

 The Elf's Lab Social Media Header ©2019 The Elf's Lab. All rights reserved. Balloons: Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash."

 Close UP Rocks. Webdesign by BeeClaudia S. The Elf's Lab © 2019 All Rights reserved."

CloseUpRocks.Close Up Rocks - Webdesign by The Elf's Lab

 Social Media Design for Social Media Workshop Mädchenkonferenz (Girls Conference Germany, 2018) ©2018 TheElfsLab"

Mädchenkonferenz - Lernpraxis Mobile

 Design + Content Photography Artwork Logo Evaluation and Graduation Rehabilitation Paedagogic 2016 by Bee"

Vesbe - BIBB

 Media Project "Manni Möhrchen" Inclusive Media Paedagogic _ Certification Artwork in coop with tjfbg, Berlin, Germany Texts and Photography by Bee 2014"

M o b i l e _ Inclusive Learning Centertjfbg Berlin - nimm! - BCS

CaughtUpMusicGroup - WebD



 I recently was seeking someone to help me with a press kit. It was my lucky day when I was introduced to Bee. She immediately understood my marketing needs and more so, the scope of my business as a whole. She offered invaluable ideas and advice as to how my product should be presented. She then went to work and in a few short short hours, she had created an EPK that blew me away. Her creative ability is second to none. She will make you, your product or service look spectacular all while keeping within a reasonable price point suitable for the average person. So if you are looking for a professional press kit or web design, give Bee a call. I am sure you will be happy you did. I am. Thank you Bee. Dear Jasson, I would like to thank you so very much for the time you took for this amazing review. TheElfsLab is dedicated to providing you and everyone else with only the best there is to offer, it so wonderful to hear that TheElfsLabs skills and ideas helped to make your experience such a positive one! Thank you so very much again, it was such an HONOR working on this EPK, here for you any time! Bee March,10th 2019"

Jasson Finney#Actor #Author #Fitness ExpertJasson Finney

 We at CaughtUpMusicGroup would like to officiallythank Bee and theElfsLab for her hard work creating our company logo and building our website. Caught Up Music Group found heaven when we found Bee. Thank you so much for making us shine we look forward to working with you for many years to come. Rodney E. Burns Dear Rodney, I thank you so very much for the Testimonial and the time you took for writing it. It has been an honor to work on your Companies Logo and Website. The Elf's Lab thanks you so very much for your trust in the ideas provided, TheElf'sLab is dedicated to providing you and everyone else always with only the best there is to offer. It is wonderful to read that the result matches your and your companies expectations and that your experience is such a positive one. I am happy to assist you any time with further projects, Thank you again, Bee The Elf's Lab March 31st, 2019"

Rodney E. BurnsCEO

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American Veterans Radio

Peru, Indiana, United States.

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The Underground Show

Listen to Indie Artists from around the world! Every Friday. Stay tuned for more Info!

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design & quality management that suits your artistic expression SocialMedia & Web Design - Artist Management PR Extras: Music & Good Reads Webdesign: The Elf's Lab ©2019 All rights reserved.

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Gastbeitrag zum Thema Legasthenie - Barriere in Tarnkappe. Dyslexia.

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Das Geheimnis hochbegabter Kinder (Secrets about talented and gifted children) u a. : Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) - Conti-Campus >>

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