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The Elf
The ElfL's Lab is run by Bee Claudia S.

Design Freelancer | Web, Social Media, Content Design & PR |
Author | Business Coach & Consultant


Certified (Inclusive) Media & Paedagogic Professional
(tjfbg Berlin GER | Bonn, GER)
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International Certified Vocational Education Specialist Alumn, Brussels, BE | Leonardo da Vinci Innovations Transfer Programm
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International Certified Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Specialist
& Media Design Learning Materials
(EÖDL, Kärnten, Austria)
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Business Operations Management Professional
Business School Alumna (n. IHK)
(Cologne, GER)
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HS Fresenius onlineplus, CGN, GER

Pädagogische Hochschule, Bonn, GER
Universität Bonn, GER
FU Hagen, GER
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Fluent in German, English
Speaks French and Italian

More than 30 yrs of experience.
(f.e. ProSieben SAT1 MedIa | TV, Munich
CEO meinBildungspartner GbR, Bonn,
Stiftung Nachbarschaftshilfe, St. Augustin

Current Location: Bonn, Germany.
Previous Locations: Munich, GER | Amsterdam, NL | Padua, IT | Montpellier, FR 

Work submitted to: Globally